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No one wants to see my tits and no-one wants to reblog my post. 

I really need the help getting the numbers in, it’s actually important. I need still, another 50 or so, but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you tumblr. TWO seconds to reblog, 5 minutes to actually do the thing for me. I cannot express the exhausting level of stress that collecting data like this puts on a person, just because you need a certain number of people to take about 5 minutes out their day to do you a favor..

I can’t even be bothered to post the link here anymore. Tumblr, I thought you were cool man. I reblogged HARRY motherfucking POTTER shit for my follwers.. and i hate Harry Potter.. it aint my thing at all, but I knew that people out there in followers land would like it. I would be the first to reblog something like this. It’s not corporate, its not profit making, its me, a student, who is willing to get creative wth her tits for all to see… just so i can get my homework done. 

And for your internet information, I have nice tits. Y’all missed out. do I need another bribe or incentive? Should i put boobs all over my plea for help? 

You can still help by reblogging my old posts with links on.. they are the ones asking for help. Not that you are even still reading this….

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no tits.

no where near 200. boobie depression. 

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Tits bargain.

Millions of people on tumblr, ask out for a favor and 5 people respond.Put your tits on tumblr, become an overnight internet tumblr reblogged celebrity.

i will post a picture of my tits, a really good one, if I get my survey count to 250 by tonight GMT 21:00 

It currently stands at 154, so I need 100 of you lot to do it, give or take a few. 

Honestly, you do my survey, i give you tits. I’m off to the sunbed now, because I care that much.

please for the love of TITS… help me out. 

I have posted this cry for help over and over and over again.. this is my last resort. 

I am an undergraduate university student, and this is my dissertation research.. please please please!! 


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So close.. just a few more..

Hey Tumblr world, 

These appeals will stop soon, I’m getting there.. but I need more participants still. Have to say, for a website of millions of people who are mostly on here to procrastinate, theres about no-one who can spare 5 minutes to help me out. I do not want your money, not now, not ever. I just want 5 mins. just click the link! Please please please help me, and if you can’t be bothered to deviate away from your precious dashboard eyeballing, please reblog this so someone out there who might have 5 mins to help a stranger out possibly will!! 

This research is for my dissertation, I am a third year Uni student and really am interested in your answers.. you might find this interesting too! You won’t know until the end!! 


Normal tumbling from me will resume soon! 

Thanks y’all. 

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real life tomb raider shit i love it. 

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I need your loving.

Help me out y’all!!!! Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, take a few mins to do this and I would be soooo grateful! If you dont feel like you got a few mins spare, just hit the ‘reblog’ button!! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/33HTJ7B

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Please help me out!! Reblog! REblog this far and wide :) Thanks

I need participants for my dissertation study, help me out y’all, so i can get back to sitting in front of tumblr posting pics of sweet kicks and ting. 

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Bruh I swear if any of these crazy ass republican candidates wins over Obama I’m moving out the country

Somewhere probably over in Europe…

You bum ass niggas better get up and vote..Obama should win by a landslide but niggas thinking its a given so they don’t go out and vote

Never Forget


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